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Action Contre la Faim : les 3AI se mobilisent pour Haïti !

  • Mathilde, the journalist

    Now Mathilde, she’s working very hard on her job: she checks the importance of nutrition in Haiti. She finds the subject very interesting, and she would like to be nutritionist for the future. First, she thought that the blog wouldn’t work at all; she was even surprised that it was a real blog on the net but now she’s motivated and she’s anticipating what she will learn. Haiti is a poor island and must fight to improve her conditions. She deserves to be help.

  • Action Contre la Faim

    Last time, we spoke about to the fact to give food or, for, people who can, give money to association. And I gave you examples of different associations which you can ask, and I gave you “Action contre la faim”. And today, we are going to speak more in details about what they concretely did to improve*1 the alimentation in Haiti and so to “save” the population.

    1.      Estimate the level of malnutrition of the child

    When somebody is” sick” because they don’t have much food in order to grow serenely, the parents of the child take them to the medical center. There, the doctors estimate their level of malnutrition with a brachial perimeter. There are three colors:Haiti bracelet.png


    -green: everything’s fine

    -yellow: the person is sick

    -red: the person is in danger ! They can die.




    2.      Give  food supplement*2

    If the people are in poor health condition*3, “Action contre la faim” will give food supplement. It’s called “Plumpy’sup”. It’s a texture made from peanuts, vitamins and nutriments. With that, they treat*4 the child and help them to grow.

     Haiti sandwich.png




    If you  give money to “Action contre la Faim”, you will contribute to the purchase*5 of the food supplement and so you will save the children life, and they couldn’t thank you as much as they will be happy !



    *1: to improve: améliorer

    *2: food supplement: complément alimentaire

    *3: poor health condition: état de santé mediocre

    *4 : to treat : soigner

    *5 : the purchase : l’achat